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Student Guidelines

How Quest Immigrations Process for Students

Meet Our Counsellor for Your Better Career Prospect Quest Immigrations guide & assist students in making their career, as we understand that the overseas application and visa process can be an overwhelming challenge & therefore our counsellors are well trained & experienced to support you from the first step of personalised counselling & make your dream come true to study abroad & to get migrate to abroad.

Our expertise, through the entire process that you as a student need to go through, we ensure that you receive the best support and advice.

1st Step: Courses and University Selection

Our Counsellors will highlight all the relevant information about your preferred country’s education system. Thereafter, our counsellor will conduct a details analysis of your academic background, work experience, extracurricular activities, interest in sports, budget restrictions, program & course requirement and career goals. After a consideration of your Qualifications and needs, we will discuss and suggest a university that matches your academic profile best. The options on offer are guaranteed to meet your study and career goals.

2nd Step: Required admissions tests (IELTS,TOEFL,PTE,GMAT,GRE,SAT).

Most of abroad programs required student to undertake an admission test as part of the assessment of the application. Our counsellor will recommend and refer you to our tutors where you may take the required tests to meet the admission requirements. Once you receive your test results and the same have been dispatched to your shortlisted universities, our processing team will follow-up with the universities to ensure that all your documentation is in order.

3rd Step: Application and Submission

Our processing department will assist you in compiling your application documents and completing the application forms. Our client will get supported with useful pointers on how to write an effective Statement of Purpose (SOP), Essay and draft Letter of Recommendation (LOR), all of which contribute to a successful application. We will also monitor the progress of your application at every stage and track the relevant deadlines.

4th Step: Receive offer of Acceptance

When you receive your offer letter, we will guide you on acceptance deadlines and additional document requirements.

5th Step: Preparation of Documents to apply for Student Visa

After receiving offer letter we will advise you on the visa regulations and help you compile your visa for filing. You will also receive assistance with making the relevant visa application fee payments and booking your visa appointment with the particular embassy.

6thStep: Appear for visa interview at the Embassy

Appearing for the visa interview at the Embassy can be a daunting experience. We Quest Immigrations will advise you first hand advice on what you can expect, to help you to prepare for the interview.

Last Step: Processing Step Prepare to Study and to Live Life in Abroad.

We will assist you for your participate in a pre-departure event that will have experts talk to you about the academics, social, cultural & sports life in overseas universities. In addition, you will receive a pre-departure kit that will cover important issues such as foreign exchange, accommodation, insurance, medical requirement etc.


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