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Scholarship Info

A scholarship is a reward or a financial aid given to a student to complete his studies. Students with outstanding academic scores, good score in competitive exams or excellent extra- curricular achievements are eligible for various kinds of scholarships.

There are different kinds of scholarships for Indian students:

  • Indian Scholarships
  • University Scholarships
  • International Scholarships

After a thorough discussion with your counsellor, you will be in a better position to understand how, when and where to apply for a scholarship.

Some useful tips to increase your chances of getting a scholarship:

1. Earn good grades in School/College
You may not need an 80% or 90% plus, however, good grades definitely help you. If a university has to decide between you and another similar candidate, your grades will give you the edge over that student.

2. Extra-curricular activities
Apart from good grades, if you engage in some sports/social cause or voluntary work, it reflects a good overall performance in your resume to impress the university or the scholarship body.

3. Talk to your counsellor
Be frank to your counsellor and let him guide you through the entire procedure of scholarship. The more you build your relationship, the easier it will be for your counsellor to guide you. Please rest assure that your counsellor at Quest Immigrations will do his best to guide you correctly.

4. Plan in Advance:
It is very important that you plan well in advance about what you would like to study and accordingly look through the various options of scholarships available to you and apply before the dead lines.

Scholarships Received by our students:

Our efforts have always been to ensure that a student gets maximum scholarships. Quest Immigrations students have received scholarships worth more than $7, 00,000 for their studies so far.

Our deliverables.

  • Guiding in all aspects of the student application process selection of the Right college, Scholarship till Visa process.
  • Complete documentation assistance for the visa purpose.
  • Filling up the Application forms.
  • Making necessary covering letter to support the genuinely intention of travel.
  • Taking Appointments to submit the Application @VFS or the respective embassy if required.
  • Mock calls for interview process if necessary.
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